Custom web application CRM/ERP

There are many actions that take place in any company, from the creation of invoices to the administration of contracts and so many other tasks that fortunately can be simplified and streamlined by having a good computer program. This is demonstrated by the electrical traders who, after starting to use a specific program, start to increase both their productivity and profits.

This is electrical trading software that moves away from the conception of standard program, as it is developed taking into account the characteristics and needs of each company, an aspect that is essential for the program in question to provide the entity with the desired results.

Each solution is tailor-made, creating a unique web application to take full advantage of the possibilities currently offered by technology. In this sense it is important to highlight the use of systems such as MySQL for databases and Laravel/PHP, giving rise in all cases to a complete optimization.

It also includes API connections and the standards/protocols known as Web Services, offering electrical traders the possibility of automating many tasks in the field of CRM and ERP. As a result, both processes and customers are managed efficiently.

Example of tailor-made CRM

The following are the most outstanding aspects of an electrical marketing software, in this case a CRM that has been optimized to the smallest detail. Independently of the needs of your company it is possible to modify each option based on the requirements indicated.

Customers and offers

The custom software covers all customer data as well as those referring to the Universal Point of Supply Code. At the same time, all the contents related to the offer in question are treatable in an intuitive way, a facility that is also given with the following module destined to create offers.

On this occasion, the functions available range from introducing the appropriate prices to applying changes in tariffs, as well as modifying the periods established in the contracts if it is desired to increase or reduce their duration.

Difficulties arise when the employees of the company themselves, as well as commercial, proceed to create offers through the software, duly accrediting each account with the corresponding keys that are validated in a blink. In this way, the whole procedure is agile from beginning to end.


Precisely the contracts are taken very much into account by the program, giving them the importance they deserve. On the basis of the offer they are created, respecting each data and section that happens to be present together with other relevant information: day in which the contract begins and date in which it will be concluded, as well as each version of the same one, data as much to process the payment as to carry out the invoicing, and so on.


The renovations are fundamental in any program management and invoicing electrical merchants. The administrator with access to the web application can determine the renewal period of each contract. In order to speed up the subsequent transactions, it is also possible to enable automatic renewal, including for this purpose the relevant formula used by the system in order to calculate prices.

As far as casualties are concerned, if they are not renewed, the software identifies them as definitive casualties. On the other hand, the debt is covered by the program without interfering with the rest of the data, treating it separately for greater ease in the process.


Regardless of the time of year in which it is considered appropriate to introduce a modification in the contracts, it is possible to do so by making the relevant request indicating the change to be made: details of the holder of the contract in question, power supplied, tariffs applied. This type of modifications can be requested by both employees and commercials, requiring in both cases the validation of the users established as administrators in the electrical marketing software.

Independently of the definitive answer, it is processed automatically via XMLS, sending it to the distributor. Before carrying out this step, the client can accept the new terms detailed in the contract, agreeing to the changes applied and rejecting them if he prefers.

Personalized billing system

The custom web application not only covers everything detailed above, but that the program management and commercialization of electricity goes beyond allowing each company to perform administrative tasks in a comfortable, agile and one hundred percent.
for one hundred percent effective.


A differentiating aspect of the billing system implemented in the erp commercializing electric is summarized in the versatility of it, adapting perfectly to any entity. It is important to highlight the fact that each one applies its own methods at the time of invoicing, which is taken into account by the web application to facilitate the process.

Again the possibility of opting for a program management and commercialization of electric billers made to measure is greatly appreciated, since regardless of the tasks to be performed all of them are streamlined to the maximum: find out the amount of energy to be acquired by calculating the approximate consumption, deal with delinquencies, prepare invoices and manage them, use the web services of banks to compare data and obtain the status of each cut, and so on.


The success of electric trading erp crm is largely due to the various advantages it provides to all companies that choose to use it. The first of them has a direct relationship with invoicing. And it is that the entities forget completely to have to store multitude of invoices in format PDF or any other extension with all that it carries to level of space occupied so much in physical hard disks as in the virtual cloud.

Of course, the multiple possibilities of customization of the program management and billing commercialization electric is also a factor valued very positively by companies. If the modules of CRM admit infinity of changes and processes of adaptation do not stay behind those of invoicing that also can congeniar to one hundred percent with the necessities of the entity.

But opting for custom-made software also brings other positive points that should not be overlooked. A good example can be summed up in the considerable reduction of problems and difficulties in general when dealing with a virtual environment that will have been created specifically thinking about various aspects of the electricity supplier for which it is intended.

At the same time, if for one reason or another the web application ends up being too short, it is possible to expand the electrical marketing software as long as it continues to satisfy the needs of companies that rely on technology to enjoy much more agile and effective operations in all senses.

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