In the era of digital transformation and modernization of accounting office processes, the accountant of the future needs to keep an eye on a number of aspects to differentiate himself from the competition. These are elements that distinguish the accounting firm in a highly competitive market.

Meanwhile, one of the aspects that requires investment is the construction of a good website. In short, it is the company’s business card in the digital world. If a potential client wants to know more about accounting consultancy, he will certainly look for it in your website.

However, it is of little or no use to maintain a website with flaws, outdated content and heavy formatting. You need to think about how to offer the best customer experience in the digital space of the accounting firm.

But, the question is, how to distinguish a good website from a more precarious one? The fundamental thing is that you follow a set of good practices, which can guide you in building the best digital showcase for accounting consultancy.

Go ahead and read the article and find out what you should consider when creating a complete website.

Simple design

The accountant is not always prepared to think about the format of his accounting firm’s website. It is difficult to know what is the structure, the colors to be applied, the format and the amount of content ideal for the website.

However, some principles are universal. The accountant of the future needs to know that when it comes to communication, most of the time, less is more. For this reason, one of the recommendations to build a good website is to avoid including many images and texts in a single page.

When you leave a website overloaded, the reading becomes more confusing for the user, who has difficulty even locating the most relevant information about the services provided by the accountant.

It is worth remembering: building a light and clean website, with blank spaces, makes the content easier to understand and really highlights the important points, such as the most striking call to action buttons.

Being creative

In terms of design, it is necessary to be creative and explore the various content formats that can be used in the composition of the website.

Visual appeal, with the use of images, illustrations, videos and animations, is increasingly necessary and effective. This is because, when this type of material is well elaborated, it has great potential to impact the website visitor, leading to the memorization of relevant content. Image has the power to generate strong emotions and bring people closer to companies.

In the creation of the website, you can highlight the resources and talent of the accounting consultancy. You can, for example, include photos of the professionals of the accounting team in the website. This is a way to humanize digital communication and invite the user to interaction.

Be compatible with mobile devices

For some time now, desktop computers have ceased to be the main means of access to the Internet. In the mobile era, people are increasingly using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to access the web, exchange messages, consume content and seek new business partners.

Hence the importance of building a website that provides a good mobile experience for users. A page accessible only from desktop computers will restrict (and rather) access, depriving potential customers from browsing your website. Therefore, prioritize building a website that is compatible with mobile devices and tablets.

A website with a responsive template, which adapts to the resolution of the screen where it is displayed, greatly enhances the user experience and increases interaction. In addition, Google favors the positioning of mobile friendly websites in search results.

To find out exactly how your audience consumes content, use the data provided by Google Analytics. This resource indicates the device your website visitors use to access the page. Use this information to improve the user experience.

Employ good SEO practices

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques allow the optimization of the website to be better interpreted by the search tools. In practice, when applied, they help favor the positioning of websites and blogs in the main search engines, such as Google.

Therefore, it is essential to structure the website considering SEO techniques. Only in this way can the accounting firm increase the number of visitors to the website and even gain prominence in search engine results.

The challenge, then, is to adapt the website, to meet the various criteria required to optimize and ensure a good positioning. One of the best resources to obtain success with SEO is the strategic use of keywords to index your website.

Furthermore, by using the optimization resources, it is possible to guarantee the navigability and usability of the content as well.

Regularly update the content

Have you ever been disappointed to enter a website and see it totally out of date? I’m sure I have. Unfortunately, companies in all segments, even accounting firms, forget to update their digital showcase, on the website.

As changes occur in the company, the accountant needs to be aware that they also need to update those changes on the accounting firm’s website. Otherwise, there are many opportunities to leave the client dissatisfied and confused.

Remember to check and update, when necessary, information such as: opening hours, contact email and phone number. Also, if you have a chat built into the blog, keep it updated and active, at least during business hours.

Many companies also incorporate a blog into the structure of the website to publish relevant content in the form of interesting articles and materials. However, it is essential to maintain a well-defined periodicity. When the blog is not regularly updated with new materials, the user has no reason to come back and read the same content. If you choose to build a blog with content about accounting, keep customers updated with useful and relevant information – it delivers on its promise!

By knowing the right techniques and resources, it is possible to strengthen the performance of your accounting consulting firm.