Lisa A. Altamirano Posted on 7:13 am

Create custom websites

Fortunately, in the Brazilian market there are more and more quality e-commerce platforms, so you can build your online store or website with a low budget. However, as the templates are the same for everyone, you can create a custom website and the image of your business may require other solutions.

Then, so that you can have a final product more to your liking and totally customized for your business or online project, you will have two solutions to build your website: hire an agency or use one or more online freelancers.

In both solutions presented, you will have the opportunity to request everything you need for your website or online store, meeting your needs. But, which of these options is more viable, fast and affordable?

Hiring freelancers to create your website

The first solution, so that you have a personalized website, and that it fulfills your requests and applications, is to hire freelancers, which you can find in different platforms. In fact, there are more and more freelancers from all over the world, who are available to work on your project, making their talents and skills available for your needs.

On these platforms, you can easily find web designers, WordPress experts, or even e-commerce shop builders from scratch. Once you find your potential partners, there are a number of steps to follow, so you always know you’re hiring quality professionals:

  • Select freelancers based on their skills.
  • Analyze some works or the portfolio of these professionals.
  • Give importance to the notes and comments of other clients.
  • Negotiate the final budget for each freelancer

Choose to hire a qualified agency

If you have a larger budget to create your own online store or website, you can always turn to several reputable, high quality agencies who will ensure that the website has the features, tools and level of construction you want.

In general, at these agencies you will not have to worry about either finding qualified professionals or spending a budget until your website is ready. This is because, unlike the solution of hiring freelancers, in the agencies, you will know, from the beginning, what the prices are to get the desired end result.

As with the freelancer option, here are some tips for you to choose the best possible agency for your online project:

  • Search and compare different agencies
  • Take a closer look at examples of websites or projects carried out by this agency
  • Ask for several quotes, trying to understand the real market value.
  • Choose licensed agencies with solid results
  • Hire companies that offer the possibility of requesting a refund, in case of satisfaction.

Comparison between Freelancer and agencies: what is the best solution?

Now you understand better these two options to create a custom website or online store, you must understand what are the main differences between hiring freelancers or choosing agencies. Only in this way will you understand exactly which option should meet your needs, but also the budget.

Differences when choosing Freelancers

When choosing to hire freelancers for the creation and completion of your website, you should know that you will, in most cases, be hiring different professionals online. In other words, you should take an active role in the whole process, managing the work that is being done, but also managing the actual hiring of professionals.

That way, you will have to take a leading role in the whole project, as if you were the “responsible for the work”, which will be the creation of your website or online store. For example, if you feel that a web designer is delivering a different job than the one agreed upon, you should talk directly to the professional. This whole process can mean that you have to invest precious time.

However, another big difference when hiring freelancers is that, on average, you will save a lot of money. Since many of these freelancers compete with thousands of other professionals, their prices tend to be very competitive, which makes this option profitable for the digital entrepreneur.

Differences when hiring an agency

On the other hand, when you hire an agency that specializes in creating websites, you will have more security and assurance that the work will be delivered well produced, as agreed. Without a doubt, if you have a larger budget or less time to manage professionals and the project, hiring the agency is your best solution.

However, and as already stated, you should take several precautions when choosing the perfect agency for your project. As you should do with freelancers, you should also ask the agencies for examples of websites, online stores or projects they have recently done for other clients.

Only then will you understand the overall quality of the work and the professionals who produce your content and online store. Then, and very different from what happens with freelancers hired, you will hire a service that will do all the management for you, having to deliver at the end the customized website you need. If not, you can ask for a refund of the investment.