Wouter Bouchez

Wouter Bouchez


Residency Period: 2011

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Wouter Bouchez (°Bruges 1982) is a freelance curator, producer and administrator in the contemporary arts. Wouter holds a bachelor’s degree in Art History and master’s degree in Performance and Theater studies (both from Ghent University, Belgium). After his studies he went to Portland, OR to do a traineeship at the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA). He stayed involved in the organization as freelance international relations associate, working from Brussels. The work he did for PICA motivated him to found and run the non-profit organization ‘Performing Arts International’ with the mission to foster international mobility and exchange in the contemporary performing arts.

Between 2004 and now, this organization initiated various programs, ranging from international promotion, production- and tourmanagement for emerging artists (a.o. Ann Liv Young, Miguel Gutierrez, Jeremy Wade, Marty Schnapf, Robin Jonsson, …), the organization of discursive and curated events/festivals (a.o. Frisches Gemüse – Brussels; Reloading Images – Damascus; SummerCamp – Bruges; Springdance Dialogue for Critics – Utrecht; THE YOUNG ONES #1 & #2 – New York, …), the organization of international prospection trips for curators to several festivals in the US, and the operation of K53, a temporary artistic lab/workspace in Brussels. Besides ‘Performing Arts International’, Wouter has also been working as interim tour- and productionmanager for the acclaimed dutch dance company Emio Greco / PC, as interim director of BBOT (urban digital storytelling and arts lab) and as consultant for various cultural institutions in Belgium. He has been part of several juries, serves as president on the board of ADA (an organization for audience engagement in the contemporary arts), is one of the initiating members of the Belgian ‘Independent Artist Alliance’ and is part of two sector-wide commissions/think tanks for the advancement and development of the arts in Brussels and Flanders.

In the past Wouter has also performed as an artist in several contemporary performance pieces (with a.o. Raimund Hoghe, Christine De Smedt) and written essays for several arts and culture publications.