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Cannonball and Dwelling Projects present: Case Studies on Mexico City: Alternative Practice, Post-Identity, and Intervention. Public Talk by Sofia Casarin

Sofia Casarin’s presentation will examine, through independent case studies, the traces of alternative spaces of the 1980s and 1990s in Mexico City: La Quiñonera, Temístocles 44, and La Panadería, as well as the interventionist practice of Belgian-born artist Francis Alys, Daniela Rossell’s work as a revelation of a philistine Mexican aristocracy, and the aesthetics of narco-violence through the work of Teresa Margolles.  

Casarin's lecture is presented by Cannonball and Dwelling Projects, an itinerant residency project founded and run by Sofia Bastidas, a current artist-in-residence at Cannonball. Dwelling Projects supports the creation, presentation, and dissemination of contemporary art. It develops curatorial, artistic, and institutional collaborations. Sofia Casarin is part of Dwelling Project’s 2015 curatorial collaboration, which is focusing on the history and current state of alternative spaces and collaborative practices in Mexico City.  

Casarin’s presentation will conclude with a performance transmitted live from La Quiñonera—a work by the space’s co-founder Nestor Quiñones and artist Lucia Hinojosa. Both the performance and its live transmission to Cannonball are part of Dwelling Projects' activation in Mexico City. 


Sofia Casarin was born and raised in Mexico City. Her writing, curatorial, and research interests focus on the cultural attributes of post-colonialism and identity in Latin America, as well as the role of the artist as civic agent. She currently coordinates the EFG ArtNexus Latin America Art Award in Bogotá, Lima, São Paulo, Buenos Aries, and Santiago de Chile. Among her most recent curatorial projects is a site-specific installation and music performance by Chilean artist Iván Navarro. She has recently joined diSONARE, a Mexican bilingual publication, as managing editor. Formerly, she worked at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Miami and independently advised on several private collections in the United States and Latin America. She holds BA’s in Art History and International Relations from Florida International University.