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Climate Change, Finance, and the Road to Paris: Talk Lecture by John Wunderlin

Although much of the news on climate change has been dominated by the US-China climate deal, ‘War on Coal,’ and the scientific pedigrees of various Congressional candidates, the televised headlines dramatically obscure other leading climate policy developments.  In December, world leaders will gather in Paris for the first attempt to finalize a new climate treaty since the failure in Copenhagen in 2009.  Behind the scenes, policy and private sector leaders in the climate community have become increasingly focused on the financial dimensions of avoiding a catastrophic temperature increase, including the potential negative consequences for investors.  Does this represent a sea-change in private sector thinking about the importance of climate change, or is much of this simply public 'greenwashing' to obscure a deeper complacency with the status quo?  What are some of the new directions advocacy and activism have taken as a result of the 'turn to finance' in climate debates?

Attorney John Wunderlin is part of the faculty of r.a.d’s Summer Intensive. His course “Climate Boundaries, Energy Finance, and Culture” will consider the scientific, political, and economic implications of the current trend toward climate-friendly business infrastructures and activities.  

John Wunderlin works as Staff Attorney and North American Project Manager at the Carbon Tracker Initiative, a non-profit think tank that analyzes the long-term financial risks to public companies from the transition to a low carbon economy. He has worked at the intersection of climate change policy and finance since 2008, including roles with the NYU Climate Finance Project, EcoSecurities’ Legal Department, and the Climate Markets & Investment Association. He has authored several articles and coalition submissions to state, federal, and international regulators. He received his J.D. from NYU Law in 2011. 

This event is free and open to the public.