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Real Flow with Diann Bauer and Suhail Malik

  • Cannonball 1035 North Miami Ave, Suite 300 Miami United States (map)

Artist Diann Bauer and writer Suhail Malik, both faculty members in Cannonballs program, will lead a presentation on Real Flow—an art and financial research and development company created by artists and theorists in New York and London. In an exhibition at K. (, NYC, in March 2015, Real Flow offered two financial instruments for sale as artworks, outlined in a prospectus (available on the above website), which separated the tradable aspect of the artwork from its exhibitionary aspects (described by Art in America as "four bland … tastefully airbrushed paintings adorned with RF logos"), a separation effected within the artwork itself.  Operationalizing this basic distinction, Real Flow constructs structures modeled on financial instruments  that at once overcome the restrictive conditions imposed by the traditional art-market and which can no less operationally and politically redistribute accumulation thanks to its speculatively-driven boom. Bauer and Malik, part of Real Flow, will present the process, outcomes, and limitations of the exhibition and possibilities for future development—developments that are by no means limited to Real Flow itself.