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Southeast Florida on the Front Lines

Stan Cox, a current Scientist-in-Residence at Cannonball and a Senior Scientist at the Land Institute, will lead a panel of experts in a public discussion on the anticipated dramatic changes in southeast Florida’s geography, ecology, economy, and culture as the Earth warms and the Atlantic rises. Cox will be joined by Harold Wanless (University of Miami), Celeste de Palma (Tropical Audubon Society), Henry Briceño (Florida International University), T. Willard Fair (Urban League of Greater Miami), and Colin Foord (Coral Morphologic). Cox will also open the floor for the views of audience members. 

From post-Sandy New Jersey and earthquake-hit L’Aquila, Italy, to Renokenongo, Indonesia, now buried 50 feet under the outflow of a human-induced mud volcano and Tacloban, Philippines, the 2013 landfall site of the world’s largest storm, Cox and his co-author have been doing research over the past year and a half in sites of past and future catastrophes for their upcoming book Disaster Trap (The New Press). During his residency at Cannonball, Cox will be talking with local officials, experts, and residents about what they have learned from past calamities like hurricane Andrew and how they think about and prepare for future (un)natural hazards that, we are told, are inevitable.